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NoLife forum online

Now the time has come and hoping that you like this new feature of our website we proudly present the NoLife forum. The decision was to use the bulletin board system phpBB in the latest version 2.0.21. You are invited to register if you think the game could be interesting. It can be accessed under or over the side bar. Feel free to talk to us via the different boards. I made 3 main categories in the beginning, they are Official, Development and World of NoLife. The first category is for announcements and common questions about the game, the second one is used to show the advances we make in development and in the third one the things written in the homonymous MediaWiki category are discussed with the community. While the possibility is given now, I hope to hear from you soon.

written on 9-3-2006 by Eduard Bopp

Community support

Because of the many hits on this webpage we think there is a high interest in NoLife. So we plan to support a community for the game with a forum on this webpage within the next weeks. It is not sure yet, which forum software will be used. But we hope to find some people interested in our project, who want to register in the community for to be part of the developement progress.

written on 8-23-2006 by Eduard Bopp

Graphics engine

After thinking about this a few weeks we decided to use the Irrlicht-Engine for NoLife because the provisorical graphics engine does not allow to visualize the features of the physics engine. Another advantage the Irrlicht-Engine offers us allows the concentration on game-specific developement accelerating the developement process of NoLife.

written on 8-15-2006 by Eduard Bopp